Outreach & Partnership with CAP | IslandNarratives Project

The Telling Island Stories/TourPad project is continuing to seek a deeper integration with the CAP/Island Narratives community archive. CAP sites are uniquely situated to identify, digitize and curate community content. Continued partnership with CAP and greater interaction with PEI’s community heritage organizations are mutually beneficial. They will enable the building of a professionally curated, widely sourced integrated community archive exposed to the public by the latest mobile technology. The desirability of working with CAP to source further artifacts and documents from across PEI is undeniable. However, this is dependent on the renewal of CAP funding tasked to the continuation of the Island Narratives project.

To date the project’s current community outreach has had a natural focus on gaining the participation of the Island’s cultural institutions and organizations. It is both desirable and efficacious to also engage local business, regional economic agencies, and municipal government. If utilized effectively the PEI TourPad app can be a tool used for increasing and retaining tourists numbers in PEI’s rural communities. The direct result of increased tourist numbers, and longer tourist retention periods are more dollars spent in PEI’s rural communities.

As the project progresses further opportunities to work with community partners will be pursued. For more information contact:

Courtney Matthews | Community Liaison Library
Robertson Library | University of Prince Edward Island
cmatthews@upei.ca | 620-5183