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Outreach & Partnership with CAP | IslandNarratives Project

The Telling Island Stories/TourPad project is continuing to seek a deeper integration with the CAP/Island Narratives community archive. CAP sites are uniquely situated to identify, digitize and curate community content. Continued partnership with CAP and greater interaction with PEI’s community heritage organizations are mutually beneficial.

Telling Island Stories

Telling Island Stories is a community archive made possible by a partnership between the Innovation PEI and UPEI's Robertson Library. The project focusses on presenting the historic materials that embody the traditions and folkways of PEI.       

Telling Island Stories

Prince Edward Island (PEI or P.E.I.FrenchÎle-du-Prince-Édouardpronounced: [il dy pʁɛ̃s edwaːʁ]Scottish GaelicEilean a' Phrionnsa) is a <

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Telling Island Stories

Telling Island Stories is planning a tour and app demo for the Community Museum Association of PEI.

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