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Goin’ out West: The History and Presence of Outmigration in PEI

Outmigration became a reality on Prince Edward Island in the mid-nineteenth century, when, in the “Panic of 1857,” Island shipyard workers began to move primarily to New England in search of better opportunities.

Bridging the Gap: The History of Transportation on PEI

When I was five years old my father went to work on the Confederation Bridge.  I was an imaginative child, but I had a hard time understanding what this meant.

Tourism: An Islander's Perspective

New Glasgow, I would have to say, is one of the most stunning places on Prince Edward Island.

Bringing the Past to the Present

The long drive from Charlottetown to Alberton on Monday morning was made enjoyable by the beautiful weather.

My Foray with a Forerunner

We're Telling Island Stories, but which stories do we tell?

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