We're Telling Island Stories, but which stories do we tell?

My name is Amanda Creamer and I was hired to work for the summer with the Telling Island Stories project.  As a fourth-year history student at UPEI, this job is like a dream come true.  Like most historians and history enthusiasts, sharing stories from the past is my passion.  Yesterday was my crash-course in the basics of what’s happening with Telling Island Stories, (which is a lot!), so today when I came in, Courtney, my project supervisor, asked me to start brainstorming about different ideas for collections we could add to the site.  At first the ideas came slowly (but give me a break, it’s my second day working a 9-5 job.)  Once I got into it, though, the ideas started to flow and I realized the possibilities are endless. PEI may be a small place, but our history is big.   The long history of the Mi’kmaq confederacy, the initial contact of Europeans, settlement, war, Confederation, musical traditions, Anne of Green Gables, farming, fishing, prohibition, bootlegging, kitchen parties, the Confederation Bridge, rolling hills, and sandy beaches are just some of the things from our past (and present) that make us who we are as Islanders.  With no shortage of historical material to work with, my big question after my second day of work with the Telling Island Stories project is:  Which stories should we tell?