Telling Island Stories Meeting

One partof the Telling Island stories project is collecting information, this is a very important part because without information there is no app.  There are lots of stories and pictures about the Island that are known but there are some stories that people have that have never been heard or seen by the public.  On Monday I attended a meeting at the Arts and Heritage Centre in Alberton.  This meeting was an information session for people in the area, they got to see the app and learned how the app would work and what we hope it will be able to do.  The crowd that came listened to Courtney Matthews explain the app making process and watched him demonstrate the app.  The crowd was full of people who are very interested in history and they had many questions as to the content that could be uploaded to the app.  They were interested to know if information they had could be put on the app.  This is great, the information we have at our disposal can only go so far.  Without input from the community the app will never grow.  The community may have stories about the Island that we have never heard that will be great additions to the app itself.  All in all the meeting was a success the people who attended now know exactly what the app is and how it works.  Some were a little skeptical about the ipad itself but hopefully with some more exposure to the technology they may begin to see the ipad is a great learning tool and a great new technology.